Lions Park Tot Lot Playground

Cleveland County Courthouse Landscaping

Abe Andrews sculpture—Andrews Park

Engineer & Conductor sculptures Andrews Park

Legacy Trail Plazas-sculptures & granite relief maps

James Garner Plaza—Main Street

Kids for Kindness Earth Day & Arbor Day Festival

Pioneer Classroom sculpture—Santa Fe Depot

“Luv All” bronze—Westwood Tennis Center

Cleveland County Veterans Memorial—Reaves Park

Griffin Community Park—Tree Grant

Neighborhood & Community parks memorial gifting:

      park benches, tree plantings, basketball courts, landscaping

Norman Day—4th of July event

Griffin Community Dog Park

Prairie Peace Path—Reaves Park

NeighborWoods Tree Matching Program

Saxon Playground—Reaves Park

Kidspace Playground – Reaves Park

Re-Leaf Norman Tree Recovery Donations

Little Axe Hershey Track Meet

Santa Fe Depot Landscaping and Irrigation

Brookhaven Park—Gazebo, landscaping, park benches

Westwood Tennis Program & Center Improvements

Rotary Park Improvements

Blake Baldwin Skate Park—Andrews Park

Reaves Park Softball Complex Improvements

Senior Center Memorial Garden

Heritage Tree Program

Share The Shade - Neighborhood Park Tree Planting

Tree Tenders—Trained Tree Care Volunteers

Three Norman Street Tree Inventories

Anti-Tree Topping Campaign

Urban Forest Master Plan and Maintenance Plan

Big Tree Contest

Tree Photo Contest

 Landscape Excellence Award

     Norman Park Foundation

     benefitting and beautifying outdoor life in Norman